Delmar Gardens: Media-Rich Microsites

July 28th, 2008

We developed a corporate website and 22 microsites for Delmar Gardens, the gold standard in assisted living and nursing care. Each microsite is similar, but each also features unique Flash animation and video footage with voice-over narration. Our solution helped Delmar Gardens achieve their goal of highlighting the unique characteristics of each location, while also maintaining a consistent brand image across the board.

Reduce Junk Form Submissions On Your Company Website

July 12th, 2008

Businesses use website forms for capturing leads, support requests, general inquiries, and many other useful purposes. Without the proper precautions, however, junk form submissions from malicious programs (e.g. spam-bots) can really cause problems.

Junk form submissions—another form of “spam”—are a time-wasting nuisance. Even with junk mail filters in place, they can increase the chances of a legitimate email being overlooked due to the “white noise” that they create. They can even be used to exploit your website to promote the spam products we’ve all seen: “hot” stock market tips, male enhancement pills, prescription drugs, and so on. In the most extreme cases, these tactics can be used to compromise the security of your website and data. Read the rest of this entry » is now Codeon Interactive.

May 6th, 2008

We think Spring and new beginnings pair well together. Like wine and cheese, milk and cookies, or Red Bull and taco salad with no tomato. Sorry, that last one is Lael’s. Everybody gets to have some input in the opening blog post, okay?

If you’ve been wondering why bright lights and strange noises have been coming from the lab lately, that’s because we’ve been hard at work the last few months analyzing the latest interactive marketing techniques, dissecting open-source software packages, and experimenting with explosive multimedia elixirs. Oh, and improving our hosting infrastructure by working with Rackspace, a top-tier Internet Service Provider.

We emerged from all of this with a new vision for interactive marketing consulting and a new brand identity to match: Codeon Interactive. I mean, it was either that or grow beards. Trust me, you don’t want to see us with beards. It is scary.